1. Young ChiCom officer.  Note the way he was dressed in comparison to the common Soldiers pictured below.

2. 8th Route Army ChiCom Soldier.

3. Ponyos (friends) or the Soldier in 2. above.  Note potato-masher grenades in right upper part of picture.  Note also the ChiCom helmet, and the quilted uniforms.  The uniforms were brown for the ChiComs, and blue for the Nationalist Soldiers of Chiang Kai Shek.  In Nov/Dec of '50, just two and one-half years later, the elements of 12 ChiComs Divisions who attacked the 1stMarDiv during the Chosin Reservoir Campaign had a mixture of the brown and blue quilted uniforms.  As you can see, these Soldiers wore a type of sneaker.   The sneaker was also what they wore at the Reservoir.  While our "shoepaks" were totally inadequate for 35 degress below zero weather, they were much better than what the ChiComs had.







4. More dead ChiComs.  Note the potato masher grenades to the left.  These grenades were very inferior to our "pineapples."  The potato mashers tended to break into three parts:  the bamboo throwing stick, and the two ends.  If you were hit by one of could ruin your whole day.  But 50 or so killing or wounding fragments beats three every time.