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*****Sully's Meandering Verbiage*****

""These are a few of the stories cranked out by Sully. He argues that some are really true. He then always adds: 'But I'll never tell anybody which ones are, and which ones aren't.' So, should you desire you may delve into the realms below. You pays your nickel and you take your chances. The outline below is what Sully is going to write to in order to fill in the blanks. As you may observe, Sully best get cracking. As the man said, 'Art is long and life is short.' SF Sully"

Friends and Their Stories

World War I

Floyd Gibbons at Belleau Wood
The incident that began at Belleau Wood is the most often cited as the origin of the Army/Marine controversy and petty behavior on both sides of the U. S. Army/U. S. Marine Corps rivalry.

Floyd Gibbons at Belleau Wood:  Another Version

The causation is the same, but the writer adds new facts to the original version of the Army/Marine controversy.

Excerpts from an essay by Col. John W. Thomason.

The Saga of "Iron Mike"


World War II

 The Bataan Death March
A poem about the infamous death march....and much more.  This very short poem says it all regarding the effects of extreme conditions on the "usual" perception of death, and those who die by those who are "survivors" and were able to march on.  Veterans of the "Frozen Chosen" will certainly recognize the feelings exhibited here.

Mitchell Paige, MOH
An excerpt of the book written by Colonel Mitchell Paige of an action on Guadalcanal.  Then Sergeant Paige led a section of machine guns and fought an enemy force of much greater strength.



Chesty Puller (Pictures)
Pictures of the Marine, Chesty Puller during the battle for Seoul.

Chesty and His Men
Chesty was known for taking care of the smallest details.

Lt Wally Reid

This is a letter that shows how Marines feel about each other...


Viet Nam

1/5th of a NVN Ace (Almost)

The Boot Brown Bar and the Rooster

1/4 Moves North


The Victoria Cross
The United States has no equivalent for the British Victoria Cross, based on the frequency that Medals of Honor and Victoria Crosses have been awarded.  With a lot of help from our friends in the land of OZ, the fact sheet provided here tells a great deal about the VC award.  After reading this you'll be able to ask your friends the question, knowing the answer yourself:  "How many VCs have been awarded to US citizens?"



Marines and Undeclared War
A compilation of conflicts where Marines have fought.

Marine Corps History, Politics, Etc
A plethora of information and lore

Once A Marine...
A "Corpsman of Marines" reinforces the stereotype by telling his tale..

Marines Defined
Who or what is a Marine?  One view point that helps answer these questions...

Mike Mansfield

 The Reputation and Character of the Marine Corps....
How important is the perceived reputation and character of the Marine Corps in performing its mission?

The Saga of the USS Liberty

The Battle of Blenheim

When I read this poem (and I am addicted to poetry) I think of Frank Mitchell and John Johnson, both old and dear friends of mine. Both were awarded MOHs for the fight at Yu Dam Ni at the northwest corner of the Chosen Reservoir.