Ky - Speech 13 Jun 01
This speech was made on June 13, 2002. Ky expresses many ideas within the speech, blaming the loss of South Vietnam on the US dependance on defensive tactics. He also criticizes our "gradualistic" approach to the war. He points out that had the US brought the same power to bear in Viet Nam that we did during the Desert War and more recently in Afghanistan, the outcome would have been much different. Ky also claims that US officials knew of the coming Tet Offensive but did nothing.

Ky - The Last Days of Saigon
This tells General Ky's story of how his emotions were stirred during the final days of Saigon. In effect, it is Chapter 5 of his autobiography "Buddha's Child." He also hints that President Thieu managed to escape with a great deal of money in his baggage. Have often heard the argument that there are no winners in a war. Well, maybe that's true. But General Ky has convinced me in his book that even though there are no winners in a war, winning sure beats ending up on the losing side.