Last Watch  
Mike writes:  "This story may give your readers a better feel for life in a CAP (Combined Action Platoon)."  Well, I'd guess so.   Members of CAPs were all volunteers, and usually had considerable experience "in country" prior to their being accepted in a CAP unit.   Mike's story makes one wonder why anyone would volunteer for this type of assignment.


My Personal Dragon 
You hear very often that someone "has a monkey on his back."  Mike was different.  He carried around a fire-breathing dragon that made his life a living hell.  This story is that of how Mike finally faced his dragon, and after thirty-five years, managed to slay it.


My Mistress 
Mike makes a long overdue confession to his wife.  Those who have worn the EGA will immediately recognize Mike's Mistress, for she is also our Mistress too....


When the Shit hits the Fan 
Mike describes why men really fight and die...he goes back through history to show nothing has changed