A Blinder of an Evening
An EOD Mission gone astray in an Australian Army camp in Vietnam.


Making A Spectacle
An Australian Soldier has an adventure in Saigon while acquiring his second spare of spectacles.


Marshalling the Marshall
A visit by Air Vice-Marshal Nguyen Cao Ky  goes slightly awry when he fires an 81mm mortar from the  Australian Army's 5th Battalion  base at Nui Dat.


Lee Lee
A story of winning the heart and mind of a beautiful woman


Some adventures encountered with the local fauna by Australians in Vietnam


The Long Hai Mine Incident
An offensive operation by Australian troops travelling into the Long Hai Hills in Phuoc Tuy province goes fatally wrong.


A Walk in the 'J'
Typical day in the bush for Australian Infantry Soldiers. In Phuoc Tuy province. This story is a composite of several days, but the incidents are real.