The story of a patrol in a different type of war

A Ride With Moon 
Paul seemed to have a penchant for flying in airplanes which, if they weren't on fire when he got in, soon became so.  I often wondered why I didn't put in for flight school.  This story reminds me of why I decided to remain an infantry officer. 

Black Air
Flying at night was never one of my favorite pastimes. There's something about thrashing around in the dark that made me uncomfortably tense tension bordering on fear. Fear that something bad was about to happen. There are pilot jokes about night flying, like the remark that black air in the carburetor is bad for the engine. Or the one about the automatic rough-running engine after the sun goes down. Flying at night ages you. I hated night flying. Here are a few reasons why.

Fun with TPA
The reason for a request to "safe" duty in Vietnam

Hatchet Force
This is the story of my last mission in Vietnam with the Marine Corps. The synopsis below was compiled from government sources, published interviews and correspondence with POW/MIA families. It is the work of others but I'm not able to properly credit the author as it appears at several places on the Internet in differing versions. The basic elements in all versions are the same. I have edited it for brevity.

Hobo 42
The following is a letter I wrote to Matthew Vincent, the son of USAF Captain Ramsey Vincent, the pilot of Hobo 42 which was shot down in Laos in September 1971. The other member of the crew of the A-1E Skyraider was Captain George Kaminicky. Matthew and I had been brought together by members of the TLC (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia) Brotherhood when he made inquiries requesting any information about his father's death. The letter tells everything I could remember.

Hot Night in the Indian Village
In a cop's world a full moon and hot summer nights often portend erratic, bizarre and often dangerous behavior in people. This is the story of a night like that.

Sequel to War Story
What happened after the battle told in "War Story" by Paul Gregoire

The Downing of Raven Two Zero
I wrote this in response to something I read on a Vietnam POW web site that had Major John Carroll, USAF listed as "last known alive".  He was not last known to be alive and I explained that in the email I sent.

The Flash Bulb
I always hated the Que Son Valley. Bad things often happened there. This is the story of a very bad thing.

The Koreans....
A roll-off landing in a UH34-D that will put your heart in your mouth....

The Milk Run
Short story of a 'milk run' turned sour.

The Super Gaggle
In the Marine Corps, the term "gaggle" has long been synonymous with a flight of helicopters, usually a large flight. The term dates back to the Korean War when helicopters were first coming of age. During the siege at Khe Sanh in Vietnam the term Super Gaggle came into use. The Super Gaggle consisted of a flight of four CH-46 transport helicopters, a flight of four Huey gunships and a flight of four A-4 Skyhawk attack aircraft all flying in a coordinated effort to resupply the isolated hilltop positions near the main base. I was never involved in any of those missions but at the end of 1965 I was involved in an even larger precursor. It really was a Super Gaggle.

War Story
Writing a description of this narrative is difficult. There is too much in it. Save it to say that this is a gripping narrative indeed. It has as many instances of individual bravery as anything I've ever seen written.